You have the right and the responsibility to inspect shipments from our carrier UPS or any trucking company, carefully and sign complete, short or damaged as appropriate.  If a discrepancy is found, please have the driver note the exception.  If a driver refuses to note the exception, please get his name so that the refusal can be reported to the carrier.   If a shortage or damage is discovered after you have signed “received complete”, please contact the carrier immediately.  You have 3 business days in which to report this to the carrier.  When a shipment is signed as “received complete”, Bonnet Pro has no recourse with the carrier on your behalf. And will not be responsible for damage.

When receiving equipment or supplies, if damage has been noted, the packing material must be saved for the carrier to inspect. PLEASE NOTE: If packaging is not saved we cannot be held responsible for any loss. No exceptions. Please inspect package for obvious damage, and check the product for proper function.