Terms & Conditions

YOUR PRIVACY: Is very important to us. We will never share your information with anyone, ever! Also, once you begin the checkout process, you will notice in the menu bar that the beginning of the address will now start with https://. This is high-grade AES 256-bit encryption that helps secure your information before it is transmitted over the web. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and we will act accordingly with your private and sensitive personal information.  Should you have any questions please feel free to call us at 877-477-1615.

When we receive your online order, and at the end of the day it is processed, you will receive an email from UPS providing your tracking information and estimated delivery date.

Return Policy: If a product has a manufactures defect we will be happy to replace it free of charge. This applies to all chemical and pad purchases. Equipment will follow the warranty guidelines for each specific machine. Should you have a dispute concerning performance please call us. First we will make sure it was used within the proper guidelines for application with you, and if you're still not happy you may return the unused portion for a product refund with approval, within 30 days of purchase. If a four or more gallon case was purchased than the return must be made while using the first quart or gallon. If more than the first bottle was used in a case than no return will be offered except by approval by phone by John Klucznik. All returns must be in original packaging and product must be in brand new condition to be re-sold. If the items are returned without original packaging, used or in a less than new condition for any reason, and are not the result of a manufacturing error, then the return may be refused. If a refusal occurs then the shipping to return the items back to the customer will be done at their expense. Or, the item will be discarded. Returns must be approved by Bonnet Pro before product is sent back to us. A 15% restocking fee will apply on returns that are not a manufacturer's defect, meaning customer ordered a wrong size or chemical type. No exceptions.

For equipment, if order is cancelled after equipment is packaged or crated, or is returned, a minimum of a 20% restocking fee will apply to cover our time, packaging materials, etc.

Items sold under the Discontinued Category cannot be returned and all sales are final.

Discounted, and FREE Shipping applies ONLY to addresses within the Continental US.

Sample packs are clearly labeled one per customer. If you are caught trying to cheat our system by changing your name slightly or adding an extra period, as an example, we will withhold $10 from your refund to undo a fraudulent sale attempt to cover our time and processing fees. You may also be banned from ordering from Bonnet Pro in the future. The balance of the sample pack or $23.00 may take up to 21 days to refund.

Warranty: As all of our products contain information to check for color fastness or for other possible problems so our warranty is completely and expressly directed at the purchase price of the product not any material or property the product was used on as we have no control over the way that any of our products are used and especially if they are improperly mixed or if they are mixed with other non approved chemicals.


You have the right and the responsibility to inspect shipments from any carrier (including UPS, FEDEX, DHL)or any trucking company, carefully and sign complete, short or damaged as appropriate.  If a discrepancy is found, please have the driver note the exception.  If a driver refuses to note the exception, please get his name so that the refusal can be reported to the carrier.   If a shortage or damage is discovered after you have signed “received complete”, please contact the carrier immediately.  You have 3 business days in which to report this to the carrier.  When a shipment is signed as “received complete”, Bonnet Pro has no recourse with the carrier on your behalf. And will not be responsible for damage.

When receiving equipment or supplies, if damage has been noted, the packing material must be saved for the carrier to inspect. PLEASE NOTE: If packaging is not saved we cannot be held responsible for any loss. No exceptions. Please inspect package for obvious damage, and check the product for proper function.

Bonnet Pro reserves the right, regardless of the shipping calculator used, to ship either FedEx or UPS at Bonnet Pro's discretion. 

As part of Bonnet Pros distributor agreement and sales policy with Australia, and with anyone who purchases from Bonnet Pro either online or by phone, I understand that doing business with Bonnet Pro I will not forward or sell or resell any product to Australia as this would be a violation of terms.

If I sell or forward (meaning the buyer of Bonnet Pro goods) any Bonnet Pro products to Austrialia, I agree to pay a fine not less then the amount of goods moved out of the US to Austrialia, but to also pay damages and all legal costs associated with this breach of trust. Buy making a purchase from Bonnet Pro you agree to accept and be bound to the terms above.

Any legal disputes between Bonnet Pro and any customer will be held only in a geographic region convenient to Bonnet Pro.

FREE Shipping applies ONLY to addresses within the Continental US.