Hose Cradle - 2 Pair

Hose Cradle - 2 Pair

Hose Cradle - 2 Pair

  • $119.00

Hose Cradle – You’ll think of this valuable tool next time it rains.

Keep your hoses out of the mud, snow, wet grass, mulch, etc. with the original Hose Cradle. The two rollers on each cradle lift both your solution hose and your vacuum hose off the ground, keeping the hoses clean while protecting flowers and plants from being damaged or crushed. Your customer’s entrance as well as your truck will be kept clean, and walkways will be clear and safe.


When the job is finished, rolling up long lengths of hose is a snap, thanks to the stainless steel ball bearings in the rollers. Improve your professional image while saving time and effort with the Hose Cradle.


  • Cold rolled steel for strength
  • Zinc plated and powder coated for durability
  • Two rollers glide easily on ball bearings
  • Stands 20” off ground
  • Two 9” spikes for stability
  • Built by an IICRC certified Master Carpet Cleaner

Takes just seconds to set up. Wet and muddy ground is common at many job sites you’ll service. As you can see, the hoses are kept clean and dry. In the spring and summer, the hose cradle is also very useful even when it’s not wet or muddy, because you’re not disturbing the customer’s mulch or flowers. It also helps to negotiate the sharp corner at the end of the sidewalks. 

The Hose Cradle not only makes set-up and break-down easier, your customer will appreciate the extra measures you’ve taken, which shows you care about their property.

Remember, you can only make
a first impression once.



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