Grout Shock - Gallon

Grout Shock - Gallon

Grout Shock - Gallon

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SHIPPING INFORMATION: Any case of Surround, Revive iT cleaners or spotters, Guardian Carpet Protector or Grout Shock ships for only $7.00 per case in the contiguous US. *
Order 3 cases or more on a single order of the above in any combination and receive them with free shipping, also in the contiguous US only. Free shipping applies to UPS Ground shipping only.

*Single gallons, sample packs, ProFresh Deodorizer, Bonnet Wash, Multii Brush, Hose Cradles, parts and all other items will be charged at normal UPS Ground rates.

Grout Shock — Heavy Duty Acidic Tile & Grout Cleaner – When All Other Tile & Grout Cleaners Fail

With a pH of 1, Grout Shock is an extremely effective acidic tile and grout cleaner, using a phosphoric acid-based formula plus two additional solvents to clean grout, when alkaline cleaners fail to produce the desired results. It removes embedded soils with ease. Use as a second step after your alkaline-based product when needed.

Grout Shock will dig into the grout much deeper and help remove stains, discolorations and other hard-to-remove soils, helping to restore the brand-new look of your floor.

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