Surround Ultra Encapsulation Detergent - Gallon

Surround Ultra Encapsulation Detergent - Gallon

Surround Ultra Encapsulation Detergent - Gallon

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Surround Ultra with ProFresh is the first encap to actually incorporate encapsulating odor counteractents. ProFresh is a true odor absorber not just a mask. ProFresh chemically alters volatile odors rendering them undetectable i.e., non-volatile so they do not reach the olfactory nerve and therefore cannot be smelled. Now, for the first time your encap product won't smell like a typical cleaning product but will retain excellent cleaning power, encapsulation properties, acid dye resistors and all of the features you expect in a double strength Ultra premium encapsulant. Surround Ultra has truly set a new standard in encapsulation features and performance. ProFresh is Surround Ultra's signature fragrance. With a crisp scent of effervescent ozone and white florals that combine naturally bright accents of eucalyptus, spearmint, and lime to provide a sense of outdoor freshness that has never before been achieved in an encapsulant detergent. The days of smelling harsh glue-like chemicals and coughing are finally gone!


You'll notice that Surround smells different the first time you use it and Surround Ultra performs differently too. We have received many compliments from professional cleaners about Surround Green's cleaning strength. Surround Ultra is even stronger than our previous products with absolutely no chemical smell. It’s more fun to use and you'll notice that you'll be receiving more compliments. Let’s face it for many people it has to look and smell clean to be perceived as clean. Ultra will leave a very mild but noticeable fragrance for up to 12 hours. Like fresh laundry out of the dryer, the scent is not strong but it is enough to say “clean”. Customers love and recommend a great cleaning and part of that recommendation comes from the quality and scent of the products you use. Of course, you also get Surround's exclusive T2H Hybrid Polymer Technology that prevents wicking and provides longer lasting dry soil protection. In other words, that carpet will stay cleaner longer with no threat of airborne crystallized polymers and no sticky residue. Surround is a double strength product so you'll only need 4 to 8 ounces per gallon. That means that one gallon of Surround Ultra will produce 16 to 32 ready to use gallons. Surround Ultra Downy with Lemon uses a ‘Downy’ type fragrance.


  • Our Strongest Formula Ever
  • Acid Dye Resistors
  • Dries Crystal Clear for Brighter Carpets
  • T2H Hybrid Polymer Technology
  • ProFresh Signature Fragrance & Encapsulating Odor Neutralizers
  • Money Saving Double Strength Dilutions
  • No Sticky Polymer Residue
  • Safer ingredients with NO hazardous components
  • Anti Wicking Formula
  • Freeze Thaw Stable 3X
  • Proudly Made In the USA


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