Surround OMEGAZYME - Case - Auto Refill Program - 10% ($159.00)

Surround OMEGAZYME - Case - Auto Refill Program - 10% ($159.00)

Surround OMEGAZYME - Case - Auto Refill Program - 10% ($159.00)

  • Brand:Omegazyme
  • Product Code:AAA1ZCS-10%
  • Availability:In Stock
  • $143.10

This purchase enrolls you in the Auto Refill Program. Save 10% per case with no limits.
Get started with only ONE CASE of Surround per month. Can be any combination of Surround, OMEGA, Guardian and/or ReviveiT Confidence products.

With no limit on the number of cases you can order, the savings will really add up! No other encap detergent is proven stronger than Surround on dirty carpets. Now you can get the best product at an extraordinary value.

  • Never run out of chemical again!
No wasted time spent on reordering

  • Streamline your business and save time and money in the process

*Single gallons, sample packs, MiniMax, ProFresh Deodorizer, Bright All, Bonnet Wash, Multii Brush, Hose Cradles, parts and all other items will be charged at normal UPS Ground rates.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: Any case of Surround, OMEGA, Revive iT cleaners or spotters or Guardian Carpet Protector ships for only $7.00 per case in the contiguous US. *
Order 3 cases or more on a single order of the above in any combination and receive them with free shipping, also in the contiguous US only. Free shipping applies to UPS Ground shipping only.



This Bio-enzymatic formula contains all the power of Surround OMEGA with the added strength of new bacterial strains to digest high levels of fat, oil and grease and superior lipase producers to degrade long and short chain fats and the associated odors, all in an encapsulation package containing ProFresh!

Surround OMEGAZYME features positive chemotaxis: These enzymes actively seek out/hunt their food sources, proteins, fats, oils, cellulose, starch and urea. Our naturally occurring non-engineered species work best in a temperature range of 40-130 degrees F.

Unlike regular OMEGA, Surround OMEGAZYME is not freeze thaw stable. Use as a hot water extraction prespray or with a bonnet cleaning method. See label for instructions.

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