Surround Bright All - 15 lb. Tub

Surround Bright All - 15 lb. Tub

Surround Bright All - 15 lb. Tub

  • Brand:Surround
  • Product Code:ALL-15
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  • $59.95

Welcome to the wonderful cleaning and boosting power of Surround Bright All.    

  • Economical, smart, boosting power
  • Reduces cleaning time while improving results
  • Use in various applications
  • Improve results for very little added cost
  • Helps remove odors and organic discolorations
  • Powdered form = much longer shelf life, not effected by heat
  • No wasted money shipping water
  • Very Earth friendly
  • Ph of 10.6
  • Proudly made In the US

This versatile booster not only saves you money by allowing you to choose when and where you use it, it also gives you many more cleaning options than liquid/ hydrogen peroxide-based encap cleaners. Bright All can not only boost, it brightens and even removes many odors with its environmentally-safe, oxygen-releasing, power packed cleaning agents. Surround Bright All can be used for heavily soiled and dingy, and removes many odors – even urine! It can also be used to clean tile and grout by itself or with Surround Free for even more cleaning power. Plus, you can even clean your bonnets and it’s great for household laundry because Surround Bright All will not degrade fibers like Sodium Hypochlorite, household bleach. Bright All not only gives you a great clean, your laundry will smell super fresh and Bright All will remove washing machine odors, especially in front loaders.

With Bright All, you boost only when needed which also saves you money. A 15 pound tub has 190 uses* per tub and it costs only $59.95. That equals 31 cents per use at 1 ounce per gallon. At 400 square feet per foot, this equals a use cost of only .07 cents per foot. In most cases, you will also use less of your encap saving even more money. With Surround Bright All you get more use options, better performance and have a longer shelf life, all without paying to ship water. Bright all just makes more sense, more performance, more versatility and more value.

Bright All, Covers it All. This commercial strength brightener is also non-toxic to plants and animals and is very earth friendly. Bright All has a PH of about 10.6 in use solution. Because of the PH, you do not want to use on wool or silk or stain resist carpet and you do not want to mix with liquid peroxide-type cleaners or encaps as your solutions may become too strong and you will risk color loss. 


SHIPPING INFORMATION: Any case of Surround, OMEGA, Revive iT cleaners or spotters or Guardian Carpet Protector ships for only $7.00 per case in the contiguous US. *
Order 3 cases or more on a single order of the above in any combination and receive them with free shipping, also in the contiguous US only. Free shipping applies to UPS Ground shipping only.

*Single gallons, sample packs, MiniMax, ProFresh Deodorizer, Bright All, Bonnet Wash, Multii Brush, Hose Cradles, parts and all other items will be charged at normal UPS Ground rates.

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