Guardian Scented - Gallon - ON BACK ORDER

Guardian Scented - Gallon - ON BACK ORDER

Guardian Scented - Gallon - ON BACK ORDER

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SHIPPING INFORMATION: Any case of Surround, OMEGA, Revive iT cleaners or spotters or Guardian Carpet Protector ships for only $7.00 per case in the contiguous US. *
Order 3 cases or more on a single order of the above in any combination and receive them with free shipping, also in the contiguous US only. Free shipping applies to UPS Ground shipping only.

*Single gallons, sample packs, MiniMax, ProFresh Deodorizer, Bright All, Bonnet Wash, Multii Brush, Hose Cradles, parts and all other items will be charged at normal UPS Ground rates.


All carpet protectors are the same, right?

Wrong, they will vary depending upon raw ingredients, formulas and percentages of solids. Guardian, just like all Surround products, is made to the highest standards and yield a very high level of performance for you and your customer.

If you charge 10 cents per foot, your ROI is very high at 360%. Guardian comes scented with ProFresh. Mix 1:1 for 1600 s.f. of coverage per gallon of concentrate. 6400 s.f. per case X 10 cents = $640 dollars, a $465 dollar profit for about an hour’s work.

  • Outstanding water, oil and alcohol repellency
  • Above average coverage rates = higher profits
  • No harsh chemical smell. Pleasantly scented
  • Will not damage spray equipment or rubber like solvent-based protectors
  • May be applied to a wet or dry carpet
  • With proper maintenance can help extent the life of the carpet or fabric
  • Meets all VOC regulations
  • Does Not Contain Silicone
  • A PH of around 6
  • Not freeze thaw stable
  • Proudly Made In the USA

Guardian Carpet Protector and Fortifier gives you exceptional oil, water and even alcohol repellency.

Guardian’s qualities keep oil and water-based liquid spills from soaking into the carpet and wetting the fibers. This makes spills easier to get before they drop down into the backing. This also provides a great benefit with dry abrasive soils that scratch and damage the carpet as they are more efficiently released during routine vacuuming.

Guardian is of such a high quality that it can even be used on sensitive NuBuck and suede leather with little to no effect on their appearance. Guardian meets all VOC regulations and comes scented with ProFresh.

When Guardian lowers the surface energy of the carpet or fabric, Guardian creates a barrier and makes the material much harder to wet. This process, simply put, also prevents wicking. You will also notice that when maintenance cleaning or extraction cleaning time comes around, your job will be much easier.

Your average cost per foot is about 2.6 cents per foot on wet carpet. Your return on investment is outstanding. If you charge just 10 cents per foot your return is almost 400%. Combine this with a choice of a scented or unscented water-based formula that is sprayer- friendly and also a premium high-solids protector and you have a real value.

Try a gallon and if you’re not satisfied, return the case for a full product refund. If you don’t notice your carpets staying cleaner longer, just send it back.

Must be returned within 45 days of purchase. If more than 1 gallon from a case was used, it cannot be returned. Guarantee is for slower resoiling rates.

When image and reputation are important to you, you owe it to yourself to buy Guardian Carpet Protector and Fortifier. 


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