Rocket's Radical Rinse Portion Packs - Box of 72

Rocket's Radical Rinse Portion Packs - Box of 72

Rocket's Radical Rinse Portion Packs - Box of 72

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LOVE Revive iT Rocket? Radical Rinse is the powdered version.

Powdered Encap Extraction Rinse, Booster & Pre-spray for All Methods

Radical Rinse Portion Packs - Box of 72

Now you can get Radical Rinse is these super convenient portion packs.

Just pour 1 pack into a gallon for a RTU bonnet cleaner that will clean up to 400 SF.

Or, pour a pack into two gallons of your favorite cleaners to boost. Now you don't have to carry a container into your job site. Just put a few in your pocket for this super convenient way to bring extra Radical Rinse, the 1 oz. encapsulation cleaner, anywhere you go.

Great smelling Radical Rinse powdered encap extraction rinse, booster & low moisture cleaner Product Features:

  • Powdered encap extraction rinse, booster & pre-spray for all HWE & LM methods.
  • Citrus and oxy powdered booster with special grease cutters
  • 1 – 7.5 lb. container = 1 to 3 cases of liquid products
  • Class-leading low dilution rates are ½ to 1 oz. per gallon
  • Incredibly economical – clean up to 96,000 feet per container
  • As low as .0013 cents per foot
  • Superior cleaning strength. Excellent boosting ability
  • Boost any product with only ½ oz. per gallon
  • 100% active ingredients. No Fillers
  • Mixes easily in hot tap water (100º to 130º range)
  • No soap, no sticky residue, or harsh ingredients
  • Excellent encapsulation properties
  • Only rinse/cleaner to contain AFT – Active Film Technology
  • Oxy and citrus for high-performance carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning
  • Very, very light pleasant citrus scent, suitable for cleaning in populated areas
  • Built-in descaling ingredients, good for equipment
  • Oxy helps remove organic discolorations
  • Low or zero shipping cost
  • No spills or freezing issues
  • pH of 9.5 in dilution
  • Proudly made in the USA

Let Radical Rinse, the first encapsulation extraction rinse, plus AFT, change the way you think about carpet cleaning. With as little as ½ to 1 ounce per gallon, you can get amazing encapsulation results! Light citrus scent, incredibly low dilutions in our ultra-concentrated encapsulation extraction rinse, encapsulation detergent and booster for your favorite liquid Bonnet Pro cleaner. Plus, Radical Rinse is an incredibly easy-to-mix powder. You won’t believe the awesome cleaning power you achieve from such a small amount of product! It truly is Radical. Who knew that with as little as ½ ounces per gallon you could effectively clean carpet!

This means less shipping cost, it’s freeze stable and takes up less space in your van or warehouse.

This saves you money, space and you’ll love the cleaning results from this exciting encapsulation product. So, whether you use Radical Rinse for extraction on carpet and upholstery, bonnet, CRB or whatever method you use, Rocket’s Radical Rinse will be the right choice for your cleaning operation.

Radical Rinse also includes AFT.

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